Photo Guidelines

A great travel poster starts with a good photo. Let's review 3 easy guidelines that will help ensure you get a stunning travel poster every time.

1) A good photo leaves room for some cropping.

Make sure important objects and people in your photo aren’t too close to the edges of the photo or cut off. It’s best to leave lots of room around the edges of the photo to allow some cropping for the perfect fit.

example of good photo with plenty of room around edges for cropping

2) A good photo is high resolution and in focus.

Choose a photo that is in focus and as high resolution as possible. If the image is very pixelated— the end result may not look as good.

example of good photo in focus and high resolution

3) A good photo is meaningful.

Choose a photo that is most meaningful to you, reminds you most of your trip, a favorite moment, or a special place. The more meaningful the photo— the more you will love your travel poster!

 example of good photo that is most meaningful to you

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